Strolling In The Suburbs: Fort Langley


If you have ever found yourself wondering where to find chill hang-out places at a National Historic Site, then Fort Langley is for you! Even if you have never thought that before, Fort Langley is still for you, because Fort Langley is pretty dang awesome. Although it is a thriving National Historic Site, complete with a CN train station and a former Fort trading post, Fort Langley is one of the suburbs hidden gems. The Trans Canada Trail and lush parks merge with coffee shops and boutiques to give Fort Langley an upgraded vibe. Plus, the Community Hall, which also hosts festivals like the famous Cranberry festival during Thanksgiving, is a big draw for any Air Bud lovers, as parts of the film were shot in front of the welcoming yellow building. And, be honest with yourself, aren’t we all Air Bud lovers?

Fort Langley is much more than the awesome festivals and farmers markets’ that take place there. Here, buying and supporting local is King, and chill hangout places is Queen. History and Trails are the adorable Prince and Princess, welcoming you as you go on to your adventure of the kingdom, aka the town. To put it simply, Fort Langley is pretty awesome.

Say Cheese
This is THE grilled cheese place people talk about, if the people you know talk about THAT grilled cheese place in Fort Langley. Their menu has a huge variety, everything from the classic cheddar, to butter chicken. Yes, butter chicken grilled cheese. The small shop is usually jam-packed with people ready to get their gooey, cheesy goodness on. This take on comfort food is beyond amazing, and will no doubt be one of your favourite sandwich places.

Fort Gallery
Art lovers who live in the suburbs don’t need to venture far from home, Fort Langley has got your Contemporary Art fix covered here! Fort Gallery, on Glover Road, is an art-lovers dream. The intimate space and distraction free white walls offer visitors a chance to experience the exhibit at their own pace. Another perk? The artist may even be there to chat with you, and help make your visit all the much richer.

Blacksmith Bakery
Just off Glover Road, on Mavis Avenue, is the wonderful Blacksmith Bakery. They use Republica Roasters, Fort Langley’s own coffee company. They also have a great array of baked goods. But what really sets them apart is the great atmosphere. The modern outside is paired with a rustic-ly updates inside, which makes it a great place to chill out. Are you by yourself? They have comfy seats for singles! Are you with 4 – 10 others? Well pull together a couple wooden tables, and it looks like you and your gang have a new coffee spot!

Republica Coffee Roasters
Located in Gasoline Alley, near the picnic tables, Republica Coffee is Fort Langley’s home grown roasters. Many of the local coffee houses and stores owe their brew to Republica, and proudly showcase their beans. This local roasters have quite a following, and is a ‘must taste’ of anyone passing through.

Mavis Avenue Café, in Lee’s Market
Mavis Avenue Café is inside Lee’s Market, and it is fabulous. The small counter is home to a delicious array of pastries, and a great selection of drinks, and a mouth-watering supply of sandwiches, snacks, and salads. The ladies’ behind the counter are friendly, and willing to help you pick out any sandwich combination you could desire. Want to play it safe and get turkey and cranberry? Go for it! Want to get smoked salmon and jalapeno? They’ll give it to you with a smile.

The Fort at Fort Langley
The Fort, part of the town’s namesake, is a must for anyone. Did you know that BC’s trading history is linked to the Hawaiian Islands? Crazy! Luckily, you don’t need to be an elementary school kid or a history buff to appreciate the Fort. The Historic Fort not only gives you a little history lesson, but also happens to do a ton of adult only activities when night falls. Adult events, such as A Night At the Fort are unique and fun, and as Spring and Summer are coming to full swing, you can bet your silver dollar that events will be popping up. The grounds of the Fort are also a great place to walk around and enjoy the statues (many of which celebrate the founders and indigenous people) and is sure to be a prime location for summer picnics/ park hangs.

Fort Langley is, as the town’s slogan says, a place you go when you want to go somewhere different. The local shops that line the main stretch of Glover Road offer visitors the experience of a seaside resort, yet the blooming foliage and quaint small town charm seem to keep the town fresh. With an abundance of festivals and markets throughout the year, a trip out to Fort Langley is one that you won’t be regretting anytime soon!